Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Lights of Grosnez

With the Aurora Borealis seen as far south as Jersey, captured by Marc Whitehead, what else could today's poem be but something about that. A massive solar flare caused the Northern lights to be seen far south, over much of the UK, but as a Jerseyman, this holds particular magic for me. The photos can be seen here (and I'm hoping that it will be a postcard and a framed print at some point):

The Lights of Grosnez

The stars, winking in the night sky
Over the ruined castle, broken stone
Then lights begin to flicker, up so high
As if on fringes of the Twilight Zone

Two days before, the sun sent forth
A coronal discharge, a solar flare
Particles drawn to magnetic north
Now they reach Earth, and touch its air

And now the lights begin to play
A symphony of colour out of space
Above ancient ruins, shines display
Enfold the cliff tops in embrace

At Grosnez, came the Northern Lights
One of nature's most amazing sights

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