Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Blizzards of March 2013: A Restrospective

Tuesday: Weather :   Rather cloudy and misty in the morning. Some bright or sunny periods developing for the afternoon. Fair overnight. Wind :  Northeast moderate F4 to fresh F5, veering northeast to east moderate F4 later. Max : 12 °C
The weather so far - as can be seen in today's forecast - is considerably better than one year ago, when blizzard conditions swept across Jersey. I penned this some time ago but never used it. It's a poem which captures something of the scenes in March 2013 - and can be sung to the tune of Jingle Bells, of course!
Let's hope this year does not have any nasty surprises!
Dashing through the snow
In St Brelade's March one day
Where cars no longer go
Shivering all the way
What a sight in Spring!
Abandoned cars in sight
The weather brings a sting
A sleighing song tonight!
Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Sledging time today
Oh! what fun it is to slide
For children out to play
Winter magic, casts its spells
Snow in March this day
Oh! what fun it is to slide
For children out to play
Now the ground is white
But it won't be here for long
Keep in the warm tonight
And thaws will come next day
As falling snows recede
Put away the open sleigh
For now it's time to weed!

I'd also recommend my posting on "Monday Snow in Tweets" to capture the feel of that time:

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