Monday, 13 October 2014

A Gleaming Smile - An Election Extra

I've been looking at Senator Maclean's Manifesto, and what seems to have been left out. 

Here is a brief overview, together with his election slogans:

“Established the £5m Innovation Fund to stimulate innovation, business growth and job creation”

Brought it to the States, got it passed, then went back to the States to get extra funding for remuneration for the Chairman and Committee, as it had suddenly transpired that their time commitment needed paying!

[You might expect some degree of honorary service, but the Chairman is a wealthy lawyer).

“The Tourism industry is being rejuvenated and a new marketing approach developed with the creation of Visit Jersey following the appointment of a Shadow Board and their recommendations”

After six years in which nothing was done, and Tourism clearly was in a bad way, Alan Maclean came up with Visit Jersey at the eleventh (and election) hour.

“My priorities are to control the cost of Government.”

Spending £200,000 on a fantasy film that the smallest shred of due diligence (even on Google) would have shown was extremely unlikely to ever be made.

Manifesto: 2008:
“I want to ensure that every penny we spend is not wasted but used wisely” “A tougher stance on spending will ensure we don’t need more unwanted taxes”

To be re-elected, I imagine.

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James said...

And where's the ring binder in his posters?