Friday, 3 October 2014

The Voltaire Manifesto

Vote Jim Hacker for Senator

The Voltaire Manifesto

Some fun for Friday! In Candide, Voltaire talks of "the best of all possible worlds".

This is the best of all possible Jersey manifestos, which ticks all the right boxes. It has been compiled from ALL the Senatorial manifestos. Each paragraph comes from just one manifesto See if you can guess which bits come from which manifesto, without peeking! And there is one quote sneaked in from Douglas Adam's Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency..!


This is the most important election for decades. We must have an Assembly prepared to work together for the good of us all. More action less talk.

I believe that new people with fresh ideas will be able to understand the current issues we are facing, through an active engagement with ordinary people.

There is much more to do, these elections and the next few years will be critical. Determination and a willingness to make difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions in the public interest will be essential.

More than ever Jersey needs States Members with ability, experience, commitment and a clear vision for the future.


Times are hard in Jersey these days.

We are hopefully seeing the end of one of the deepest, darkest recessions that the Island has ever experienced.

Our island has experienced an economic downturn and unusual unemployment levels. These challenging times require clear thinking and appropriate decision making.

The financial services industry is the major plank of our economy, providing the bulk of tax revenues and much employment, and must be supported.

I support the ending of inappropriate zero-hours contracts.

Tourism and agriculture are still a vital part of Island economics and life.

I support protecting Jersey’s green and agricultural spaces.

We must ensure that we have a successful, as well as vibrant and diverse economy

We must address the division between the haves and the have not’s.

We must maintain Jersey’s independent character. Our community services and voluntary sector should be supported to the maximum extent our resources allow.

Keep GST at its lowest possible level, increased revenue for the Treasury must come from the business sector primarily.


Jersey must get a grip on population control. However, a level of immigration must continue for skills that cannot be provided locally.

Public Sector

The government of Jersey must live within its means.

The growth in public spending is no longer sustainable. A fresh approach is urgently required.

The cost of government must be controlled.


A healthy population is the basis of a healthy economy.

Failing to invest in our essential infrastructure at the right time only makes it more expensive in the long run.

There are difficult times ahead for us all but the Island has a good basis for the future.


I believe a more creative and inventive approach is needed in our schools.


It’s time to LOVE Tourism again!


I believe States members should listen to the electorate and not dismiss their views out of hand.

I believe that the number of States members sitting in the main States Chamber should be reduced.

The debate goes on but there is still not a consensus.

Do you ever feel it’s not worth voting?

The referendum question on this matter will be voted on by the public on polling day and I will respect the public’s views on this matter.


I feel that it is my duty to stand for the post of Senator for many reasons, not least because I believe that Jersey should become more democratic but also because Jersey has very important global messages to broadcast.

Whilst a great deal has been achieved there is still much to do.

Further challenges remain.

I have the experience, dedication and energy to achieve this vision.

Let's think the unthinkable, let's do the undoable.

Thank you for taking the time to read this

Please vote: Dr Pangloss. Or Jim Hacker. Or Alan B'Stard.

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