Monday, 13 October 2014

Election Fun

There has been precious little fun at the elections, so here are a few lighter moments. Here is Murray Norton, advertising to passing motorists (and snapped by my son) that pre-polling had opened, and if you worked in town, you could vote. I know the message has gone out elsewhere, but isn't this a fun way to do it! I certainly thought so.

Two Green Posters in Town! Two Green candidates! One below the other. Andrew Green, who has finally gone green with his election colours, and Chris Magee, who has a rather different green proposal, about legalising cannabis (under medical supervision) for medical alleviation of chronic pain. The USA is pioneering this in two States, and who knows, it may yet come to Jersey, although New Jersey is more likely first. It is a fun poster though!

Simple black on yellow is usually used for road signs - No Parking, Unloading Bay, Diversion etc etc. But one election hopeful has decided to eschew any sign of his face, and go for a simple road sign information style. I can see tourists scratch their heads and ask - what is a "routier"? A Jersey name for a diversion when there are road works ahead? Or a sign that a bus is coming this way?

Of all the election posters, this is my favourite. It is A4 sized, the size of an ordinary letter, and two of them are affixed to a glass side panel at Gino's restaurant. While other candidates have gone for big faces that stand out, Gino has gone for minimalism. Yes, it is a tiny face of Gino himself that you can see in the O of VOTE, about an inch and a half high.

At the St Brelade Senatorial Hustings, Senator Bailhache decried politicians who damaged the finance industry by supporting ATTAC and presenting Jersey in a bad light. "Treachery", he exclaimed.

Jersey, it should be noted, has just passed a new Treason law allowing residents to be tried as traitors locally as in neighbouring Guernsey.

Deputy Montfort Tadier (pictured above), who was possibly one of the aforesaid individuals in Senator Bailhache's sights, clearly took fright, and has taken to disguising himself, in case he is clapped in irons, and subjected to thumbscrews. Here he is, as seen recently on You Tube, under a thin disguise as Lord Reginald Hamilton Tooting Rawley Jones III.

Monty also decided to have a bit of fun with the answers to whom he wanted as next Chief Minister in the JEP questions for candidates:

Meanwhile, I gather that the Yes Referendum Campaign may have gained a new supporter....

And finally, the best Manifesto I have read that is suitable for an extract on a blog entitled "election fun"  has to be that of Gino Risoli.

Here are a few paragraphs (emphasis is Gino's):

"What am I going to do for you? SET YOU FREE. I am going to transform this government. My focus will be transparency which will change the dynamic in which our government operates so that everyone feels free to excel as individuals and those that drive the economy, small and large businesses and employees are not impeded. We can then have good quality services that actually work without interference from people that know not what they do. Transparency will deliver this coupled with my skilful knowledge."

"I have the necessary skills to do this in a firm but co-operative way. Most do not really understand that this present system can only change from the bottom up. The top table is actually helpless because of fear. So it is left to us to save the day. I can do this with intellect that will unite the house and society. We must change."

Do you want to be set free? If you do, vote for Gino, or as he puts it:

" Please join me for what I think will be the most joyful experience you will encounter!"

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